Yellow Brick Road Review

Yellow Brick Road Review




After almost a year and a half of suffering the effects of Covid-19, people now start to get vaccinated and feel free to get back to the market. Customers are now buying both from online and offline channels and it’s high time sellers got prepared and gained their advantages over this fierce competition.

Sadly, I realized so many people fail when starting an online business recently. We have many different reasons to explain this but you should know this business is high risk at the moment – you need a winning formula to save yourself.

From my experience, most people fail because they have a misunderstanding about online business and all that. It’s not about cold calling 100 people a day and getting burnt out. It’s not about buying some new fancy software that you never learn how to use. Doing all of these without any verified formula only ends up wasting your resources. And trust me, I want no part of this, even for me or for you.

Fortunately, I recently found comprehensive training to establish an online business for local consultants. When you do it this way, it almost leads you into making your business a success, literally within the shortest time possible.

What Is Yellow Brick Road?

Basically, Yellow Brick Road is the ground-breaking method that helps you fill your calendar with top-quality appointments by having others do all the work.

This can be considered a 24/7 cash machine where you can get access to step-by-step training videos, real case study results, and a lot more. You will also get free software to eliminate all the hard work when it comes to prospecting.

Yellow Brick Road Review – About The Creator – Offline Sharks


This brilliant business is brought to you by the Offline Sharks team.  In fact, this great team comprises all the genius marketers who are Tom GaddisNick Ponte, and Cameron Roat.

These guys have worked together for quite a long time, releasing many top-quality toolkits serving the local business’s needs like Online Revenue SystemDigital Profit MachineLead Factory, Fast Cash Website Audits by Local SEO Shark, Local Adwords Income, Local Client Shark, Remote Client System and many more. These products have so far served thousands of customers, especially those whose target is local marketing.

Now, the next part of this review will show you more details about the features packed inside.

Yellow Brick Road Review- Feature Details

As I’ve mentioned previously, this product includes all the necessary information to help you build and grow your business.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover building an appointment generating engine the smart way:

Module #1: Introduction

[+]   Welcome

​[+]   Opportunity/Process Overview

​[+]   Community

Module #2: Generating Appointments On Your Own

[+]   Your personal network

[+]   Email

​[+]   Direct Messages

[+]   Phone​

Module #3: Hiring

[+]   Welcome

​[+]   Opportunity/Process Overview

​[+]   Community

Module #4: Generating Appointments On Your Own

[+]   Explaining their role and responsibilities

[+]   The Script

​[+]   30 Days Orientation

[+]   Free Tools for Setting Up Your Appointment Machine

Module #5: Managing And Expansion

[+]   E.O.D. Checkout

[+]   ​Time Tracking

[+]   Setting K.P.I.

[+]   ​When to expand your team

Bonus Module: The Appointment

[+]   How to prepare and what to show up with

[+]   Virtual vs. In-person

​[+]   What is your goal?

[+]   What to Sell?

​[+]   What do you already have?

​[+]   Their **** Services

Using Experience

To be honest with you, this is not the first time I think I chose the right product to do local marketing. In fact, there is a lot of software that can help our campaigns to be optimized. However, Yellow Brick Road is a bit more distinctive due to the updated knowledge it provides and the software it includes.

You’ll get there a lot faster with direct guidance and mentorship from a team that actually runs an appointment sales service, a team that actually built a successful agency with these techniques.

If you choose to use virtual assistants or outsource, that should be fine. It’s not a big deal even if you can hire local people to do the work. Or even when you want a blend of both, it’s good too. It is important to learn their procedure first, before hiring anyone. And the Yellow Brick Road can give you exact training to complete your work.


Yellow Brick Road Review- Price And Evaluation

Honestly speaking, you will never find any other deal better than this. While the price is not surprisingly cheap for this kind of product, I’m sure you will find a lot more advanced features inside the main dashboard of Yellow Brick RoadAll you pay for one copy of this is only $27.

With all the power and convenience this comprehensive toolkit provides, this price is definitely a good deal. There wouldn’t be recurring fees to waste resources. You should go and grab the offer now before the price goes up.


Yellow Brick Road Review- The Upsells

In addition, this deal comes with some additional OTOs:

OTO 1: Yellow Brick Road Upgrade ($39)

OTO 2: Yellow Brick Road Special Offer ($97)

OTO 3: Shark Alliance Annual ($997)


Yellow Brick Road Review- Who Should Buy This?

I think that this product is really suitable for everyone who wants to make money online regardless of experience or level. If you belong to this list, Yellow Brick Road is highly recommended.

+   Marketers with multiple stores, affiliate sites, and product sites

+   Business Owners

+   E-com Store Owners

+   Local Consultants

+   Product Creators

+   Content Creators

+   Freelancers

+   Social Media Marketers

Yellow Brick Road Review- Pros And Cons


♥   No multi-level or network marketing

♥   No recurring fees to worry about

♥   Time-saving method to work on

♥   No office needed outside your home

♥   No cold calling or other expensive email campaigns

♥   No long learning curve

♥   Super easy to work with local services

♥   100% satisfaction money-back guarantee


X   Up to now, there is not any.



Yellow Brick Road is all you need if you want to finally say goodbye to cold calling or door knocking. As marketers, we all know this package will give us a strong aid to complete difficult tasks we have long been struggling with.

But it’s all your choice whether to spend stressful hours working your heads off or let this exceptional tool handle the hard work for you. The sooner you check out, the better price you get, thanks to a 30-Day Refund without any questions asked.




Amazing Make Money Online Bonuses



Step 1: Buy Yellow Brick Road on my website


Step 2After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to my email at

Step 3: You will receive the bonuses within 24 hours.

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