NewBSuite Review - The SWISS ARMY KNIFE Of Marketing


NewBSuite is an all-inclusive suite of cutting-edge marketing tools designed to supercharge online businesses. 

This template-based platform equips users with a comprehensive set of TEN innovative apps (for the price of ONE), empowering them to effortlessly create, track, and optimize their marketing campaigns.

Why Promote NewBSuite?

  • An online poll asked for the best way to learn about entrepreneurship and 51% responded with “start a company.”
  • 69% of US entrepreneurs start a business from their home
  • A third of successful small business started with less than $5,000
  • Despite a majority of startups having fewer than 100 employees, these small businesses are job generators; providing employment to nearly 50% of the US’s workforce
  • 66% of marketers believe integrated tools enhance productivity. 
  • Because it's a newbie-friendly and very easy-to-use SAAS platform at an affordable one-time price
  • People don’t want to have to hire expensive marketing agencies to put their business on the map
  • People don’t want to buy multiple, expensive monthly complicated software to do-it-all-yourself, only to be frustrated in the end
  • People don’t want to have to chase down unreliable freelancers to get copy, find emails, websites, pages, ads, graphics, posts, logos etc.



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NewBSuite - Overview

  • Vendor:                                  Neil Napier et al
  • Product                               NewBSuite
  • Launch Date                       September 18, 2023
  • Launch Time                     11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price                  $27
  • Niche                                 Software
  • Support:                             Effective support
  • Refund:                             30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommendation           Highly Recommended!
  • Official Website             [Click here]
  • Bonuses                        Me Reviews Exclusive Bonuses

NewBSuite Review- Who Built It?

Neil Napier is a seasoned online marketer with a proven track record in software development and a base of over 100,000 satisfied customers who have benefited from his products. Neil has been a prominent figure in the online marketing arena for many years.

Neil’s impressive portfolio includes highly acclaimed products like Aidvantage, VidzAgency, PowrSuite 2.0, Viddle Interact, Content Gorilla AI,, EZLocal, Local Leader, AgencyScale, SurvAI, and more.

Now, Neil and his expert team are leveraging their extensive experience to offer you a tested and proven content marketing formula. Their product launches consistently achieve six-figure success, no matter the market conditions.

When it comes to your content marketing needs, you can trust Neil Napier and NewBSuite.

What Are The Primary Attributes?

You can turn your purchase into profit: resell NewBSuite sub-accounts and keep every dollar. When you invest in NewBSuite, you’re not just acquiring a tool; you’re building a business, it includes 50 sub-accounts. Distribute or sell this product sub-accounts and retain 100% of the earnings.

NewBSuite is packed with many top-notch tools and features:

Tool 1: DFY Social Apps

With over 150 templates, a variety of images, and easy drag-and-drop features, along with expert-level training, you’ll have access to every kind of graphic a marketer could ever need.

  • Create Social Posts: It offers 50 fully customizable post templates with icons, backgrounds, and simple drag-and-drop editing.
  • Create Social Covers: The product comes with 37 social cover templates and numerous beautifully designed background options.

Tool 2: DFY Simple Ads

Create engaging Facebook & Instagram ads that captivate and convert for lead generation and increased sales.

  • Step 1: Choose from 150+ ready-made templates suitable for your promotion needs.
  • Step 2: Customize your chosen template by adding/editing text, editing images, and adding your logo.
  • Step 3: Save your customized template as a PNG to create engaging and unique sales ads.

Tool 3: DFY Logo

Creating bold and iconic logos is super simple with a user-friendly interface. Thousands of options are available, and you can design an amazing logo in just a few clicks.

Your brand or logo makes a lasting impression on your clients and customers. Say goodbye to expensive logo freelancers and streamline your logo creation process, saving both time and money.

Tool 4: Surprise Product

Easily create surprise products with a few clicks. Engage your visitors by letting them “scratch off” a digital version with their mouse to reveal a bonus surprise, such as a coupon code, $10 off, or a special bonus.

Tool 5: DFY Bonus Page

Did you know that 9 out of 10 top marketers use bonuses in their campaigns? Over 90% of top online marketers offer bonuses in their promotions.

Choose from premium bonus templates, each extensively tested for stunning, professional, and conversion-proven bonus pages that turn visitors into buyers.

Tool 6: DFY Offers Page

Imagine having your own software to create affiliate offer pages in just minutes. This product includes an easy-to-use dashboard where you add URLs, and the site populates automatically.

Enjoy unlimited subdomains and hosting on fast servers, solving the speed problem many marketers face. Save time, resources, and hassle with our included bonus and download pages, hosting, and subdomains, all provided at no cost if you act quickly.

Tool 7: DFY Thumbnail

Make it impossible for your audience to scroll past your YouTube video without clicking and viewing it.

According to YouTube, 90% of top-performing videos have custom thumbnails. Create eye-catching, appealing thumbnails with the product to gain more likes and subscribers for your channel.

Tool 8: DFY Optin

The money is on the list.” Optin, or “squeeze pages,” are proven lead generation tools. Perfect your list-building strategy by creating effective squeeze pages that collect leads and grow your business.

Tool 9: DFY Simple Page

The easy-to-use page builder lets you create mobile and tablet-optimized websites, sales pages, and thank-you pages in minutes, without coding knowledge. Start with a template and customize it to your liking.

Tool 10: Link Tracker

Track your links with special codes to identify your best-performing marketing channels and content. This helps you discover profitable emails, advertisements, and other assets, increasing your overall effectiveness and profits.

NewBSuite Review Features and Benefits:

  • DFY Link Tracker: Seamlessly keep a record of who clicked your link, when, and from where it was clicked. Tracking links are essential for measuring the performance of your online marketing.
  • DFY Simple Page: Easy-to-use page builder that allows you to create a mobile & tablet optimized websites, sales pages, and thank you pages in minutes, without having to know how to code. Start with a template and customize it so it looks exactly the way you want it to.
  • DFY Optin: Creative Profitable Optin Pages Every Time! Optin, or “squeeze pages” have proven to be the most effective lead generation tool. Perfect the art of growing your list by creating dedicated squeeze pages that get the job done.
  • DFY Social Apps: Create social media graphics and instantly share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, Tumblr, Skype, Pinterest… They have over 150 templates, all fully customizable with icons, backgrounds and as with everything, it is all drag and drop easy. Plus, XX hours of expert-level training.
  • DFY Simple Ads: You don’t need Canva anymore! Exactly, with DFY Simple Ads you can easily create engaging & profitable ads in minutes.
  • DFY Logo: Make Incredible Logos in Just a Few Clicks. Is super simple to use and lets you create bold and iconic logos in seconds. With a super simple interface and thousands of options, an amazing logo is just a few clicks away.
  • Surprise Product: Create your own surprise products in few clicks. Ever scratch off a lottery ticket? Engage your visitors as they have fun scratching this digital version with their mouse to reveal their bonus surprise underneath. This could be anything from a coupon code, $10 Off, or a special bonus for seasonal specials and other occasions.
  • DFY Bonus Page: Skyrocket your clicks, conversions & sales… Create irresistible bonus pages INSTANT. Choose from premium bonus page templates. Every template was created with many tests. The bonus pages are stunning, look professional, and are proven to convert visitors into buyers…
  • DFY Offers Page: Perfect builder for selling affiliate products or your own products. With a one-click share on the most popular social media platforms, DFY Offers Page comes with an easy-to-use dashboard where you simply add URLs and the site gets populated for you! Unlimited sub domains & hosting on our FAST servers.
  • DFY Thumbnail: Make YouTube Thumbnails that Get Clicked! Their designers carefully crafted hundreds of templates for you to choose from. You can pick any of our templates and easily add your images to them with a click of a button.

NewBSuite: The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

In the wild, wild world of digital marketing, having the right tools is like having a secret stash of gold in your digital treasure chest. And guess what, mateys? NewBSuite is that treasure chest! It's like having a crew of 10 digital pirates all working together, and they've bundled their treasure into one user-friendly dashboard.

  • Unleash Your Inner Creative Beast with Easy-to-Use Templates
  • Argh, matey! Creating logos, websites, and dazzling social media content has never been smoother sailing. NewBSuite offers a treasure trove of templates that let you whip up logos, construct websites, design social media content, ads, and more, all from one intuitive dashboard. No need to walk the plank of design despair anymore!
  • Raid the High Seas of Affiliate Marketing and Traffic Generation
  • NewBSuite isn't just any old tool—it's a booty-laden investment in your business. With the power to give away or sell NewBSuite Sub-Accounts, you can plunder 100% of the profits and rake in those monthly commissions like Captain Jack Sparrow on a treasure hunt. Ahoy, matey! It's time to set sail for affiliate marketing riches.
  • High-Converting Landing Pages for Maximum Plunder
  • Landing pages, me hearties, are the lifeblood of any online business. And NewBSuite knows this like no other. It arms you to the teeth with the tools to create high-converting landing pages with the ease of a seasoned sailor. Say farewell to squandered doubloons on fruitless marketing and hello to conversions that'll make your ship float.
  • Captivating Graphics That'll Make You Go "Arrr!"
  • In a digital sea awash with information, visuals be your ship's mast. NewBSuite arms you with striking graphics that'll seize your audience's gaze like a siren's call. From websites to landing pages and social media posts to ads, your creative voyage knows no bounds!
  • Rule the Digital Seven Seas with Click-Crazy Ads
  • Digital advertising can make or break ye treasure chest, matey. NewBSuite be your secret weapon for crafting ads that'll light up the digital world like a cannonball. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google—wherever ye aim, NewBSuite will help ye fire the shots that hit the mark!
  • Forge a Brand That's as Strong as Steel
  • Ye logo be yer brand's jolly roger, and it should stand out on the high seas. NewBSuite simplifies logo creation, helping you establish a unique brand presence that not only attracts but also fosters loyalty among your crew.
  • Enhance Your YouTube Booty with Captivating Thumbnails
  • YouTube be a treasure island, and NewBSuite understands the importance of captivating video thumbnails. Raise the anchor on viewer retention and hoist the flag of more views with thumbnails that'll make a lasting mark.
  • The Easy Way to Plunder Gold
  • NewBSuite isn't just a tool, matey; it's a treasure map to 50 sub-accounts you can sell or give away. As folks use these sub-accounts, you'll start earning doubloons effortlessly. It's like having your own buried treasure, but without the shoveling!
  • The Future of Your Online Empire Begins Here
  • With NewBSuite, you're not just buying a tool; you're charting a course for the future of your online voyage. This comprehensive platform is like having a fleet of ships ready to conquer the digital seas, all for a fraction of the gold you'd spend elsewhere.

Why Choose NewBSuite?

In a world where your online presence be your compass, NewBSuite offers:

  • Multiple Digital Tools: Even if you're not a tech wizard, NewBSuite provides the right set of tools to lift your online ship to new horizons.
  • Fully Cloud-Based: Access NewBSuite from the crow's nest or your favorite hammock—anywhere, anytime, on any device. The latest tech always be at your fingertips.
  • Commercial Rights Included: Create resources for yourself and your clients, and watch your treasure chest overflow with doubloons.
  • Step-By-Step Training: Don't worry if you're new to this. NewBSuite be your seasoned first mate, guiding you with video tutorials to unleash its full potential.
  • Exceptional Support: If you run into a storm, our trusty crew of professionals be ready to assist ye, making sure your voyage be smooth as a calm sea.

NewBSuite Performance: 

NewBSuite Review


  • Includes 2,000 Credits*
  • 50 Sub-Accounts
  • Full access to all 10 products
  • Marketing Suite 
  • Create Offer Pages
  • Create opt-in Pages
  • Create scratch-off pages.
  • Track All Your Marketing Links
  • Traffic Generation Suite:
  • Create Social Graphics
  • Create Social Posts
  • Design YouTube Thumbnails

  • Advertising Design Suite
  • Create ads for ANY platform
  • Includes Insta & FB templates
  • Create Your Company’s Logo
  • Simple Page Designer for anything else!
  • Fully Hosted By Us – no website required
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Commercial License Included
  • Training
  • Support

OTO1 NewBSuite PRO:

  • PowrWriter – A Flexible, Powerful AI Copy Creation Tool
  • Page Scraper – Find great leads for any niche.
  • Map Leads – Use Google To Generate Quality B2b Leads


Unlimited Usage Credits

OTO3 NewBSuite Surveys

  • Unlimited AI Questions
  • Collect Up to 1000 Responses
  • Up To 3 Questions Per Survey
  • Up To 25 Active Surveys
  • Includes Hosting For All Your Surveys – NO WEBSITE NEEDED!
  • Drag & Drop Survey Builder Canvas
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys
  • Dynamic Smart Redirect System
  • Smart Survey Protection
  • Full Survey Analytics
  • Easy Survey & Result Share
  • Includes ALL TEN Question:
  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Long Answer
  • Yes or No

  • Dropdown Selection
  • Star Rating
  • Slider Rating
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Date
  • ADVANCED Integrations
  • Video uploader (add videos to your surveys)
  • Social media sharing feature (share directly to FB & Twitter)
  • DFY built-in templates
  • Built-in image gallery
  • Step By Step Training
  • Top-Notch, Helpful Support
  • Commercial License Included

OTO4 NewBSuite Advantage

  • 100 Sub-Accounts to give away or sell ( 100 credits each)
  • 2000 “AI Writing Credits (each piece of content created will consume 1 credit)”

OTO5 NewBSuite AI Offer Domination

  • Understanding Offers and Their Components
  • Using AI to Sketch Out Offers
  • Creating a CLEAR Core Offer
  • Crafting Bonuses That Break Down Objections

OTO6 NewBSuite Agency Upgrade

  • UNLIMITED Sub-Accounts
  • DFY Business Website
  • Add Featured Samples Of Your Products & Services
  • Custom PayPal Checkout Integration
  • Add Business Clients Testimonial
  • All Website Pages Created with content
  • Created By Top Graphic Designer

  • DFY Sales Proposal
  • DFY Email Swipes
  • DFY Telemarketing Scripts
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Graphics Banner
  • DFY Business Cards
  • DFY Rate Cards
  • DFY Letterheads
  • DFY Invoice
  • BONUS: DFY Consultancy Pack
  • BONUS: FB Training on Finding Local Clients
  • BONUS: LocalUpsell

OTO7 NewBSuite Resell

100% Commissions throughout the funnel. Can’t be turned on until 24 hours after the end of launch.


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NewBSuite FE

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OTO1: NewBSuite PRO

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OTO2: NewBSuite Unlimited

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OTO3: NewBSuite Surveys

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OTO4: NewBSuite Advantage

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OTO5: NewBSuite AI Offer Domination

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OTO6: NewBSuite Agency

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OTO7: NewBSuite Reseller

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Pros And Cons - NewBSuite


All-in-One Convenience: NewBSuite be like having a treasure chest filled with 10 powerful marketing tools in a single dashboard. No more swabbing the deck with multiple software.

User-Friendly Templates: Even a landlubber can use these templates to create logos, websites, social media content, ads, and more like a pro.

Profit Potential: The ability to give away or sell NewBSuite Sub-Accounts means you can fill yer treasure chest with gold and keep the wind in yer sails with recurring commissions.

High-Converting Landing Pages: These be the X marks the spot for success in yer marketing campaigns.

Attention-Grabbing Graphics: Stand out like a lighthouse on a stormy night in the crowded digital sea.

Effective Digital Advertising: Make yer ads as irresistible as a siren's song.

Logo Creation: Forge a brand that'll make other pirates jealous.

YouTube Thumbnail Enhancement: Increase yer YouTube booty with thumbnails that'll make even Blackbeard envious.

Monetization: 50 sub-accounts be yer secret stash of treasure, ready to be looted by savvy sailors.

Cost-Effective: All this treasure be yours at a fraction of the gold ye'd spend on separate software.


Learning Curve: Aye, NewBSuite be user-friendly, but even the best navigator may need some time to master all its features.

Credit-Based System: Ye'll need to keep an eye on yer credits, matey, and when they run low, ye may need to dig deeper into yer treasure chest for the unlimited plan.

Cloud Dependency: Ye'll need an internet connection to access NewBSuite. No signal, no treasure hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What be these credits ye mention in NewBSuite, and how do they work?

Each credit be a ticket to use a tool, like forging a logo or crafting an ad. Once ye run out, ye may need to consider hoisting the flag for the unlimited plan to get more.

Do I need to pay monthly for NewBSuite?

Aye, NewBSuite operates on a subscription model. Pay a monthly fee, and ye have the keys to the treasure chest.

Is NewBSuite suitable for greenhorns with no design or marketing experience?

Absolutely, me hearties! NewBSuite be designed for even the greenest of sailors. It provides templates and tutorials to get ye started on yer digital journey.

Can I use NewBSuite on any device, and do I need to install any software?

NewBSuite be a cloud-based treasure chest, accessible from any device with an internet connection. No need to load any cannons, matai!

Do I need to be a coding wiz to use NewBSuite?

Nay, ye don't need to be a Davy Jones with coding. NewBSuite be designed for sailors of all skill levels.

Is there a refund if I don't fancy NewBSuite?

Aye, matey! NewBSuite offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. If ye be unhappy with the treasure, ye can ask for  doubloons back.

What support be available if I run into trouble or have questions?

NewBSuite be there for ye, matey. They offer support through email and a dedicated support page. Their professional crew will assist ye every step of the way.

Can I use NewBSuite for me clients' projects, and are there any restrictions?

Ye can indeed use NewBSuite to create resources for clients. But beware, the terms and conditions may have guidelines and limitations on commercial usage, so read 'em well, me matey.

What about them exclusive bonuses with NewBSuite?

Ah, the bonuses! When ye lay claim to NewBSuite, ye also get access to exclusive booty like sessions on monetizing yer marketing agency, AD Spy PRO, a product creation bootcamp, and pre-written social content. A treasure trove, indeed!

Is NewBSuite a worthy contender in the digital marketing tools arena?

Aye, it be a fierce competitor in the high seas of digital marketing. But, like any good pirate, ye should weigh it against other treasure chests to see if it fits yer specific needs.

Conclusion about NewBSuite: NewBSuite Review

In conclusion, NewBSuite presents a comprehensive and adaptable solution for businesses seeking to streamline their operations, enhance customer relationships, and harness the power of data analytics. Its customizable modules, scalability, and integration capabilities make it a promising choice for a diverse range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises.

The flexibility of NewBSuite allows organizations to fine-tune the software to meet their specific needs, ensuring that workflows and processes align seamlessly with their unique requirements. This adaptability is a significant advantage, as it means the software can cater to various industries and business models.

The cloud-based nature of NewBSuite facilitates accessibility and scalability, making it suitable for businesses with remote teams or those planning for growth. Moreover, the software’s robust data security measures, including user authentication and data encryption, instill confidence in users concerned about protecting sensitive information.

The ability to integrate with other software and systems is another key strength, enabling organizations to consolidate their technology ecosystems and enhance overall efficiency and collaboration.

However, potential users should carefully consider the pricing structure, as costs can vary depending on factors such as the number of users and selected features. Exploring trial offers, if available, is a prudent approach to assessing whether NewBSuite aligns with your business needs without committing to a significant investment upfront.

In summary, NewBSuite offers a promising solution for businesses aiming to optimize their processes and gain deeper insights into their operations. Its customization options, security measures, and scalability make it an attractive option for businesses seeking to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Nonetheless, conducting a thorough evaluation to ensure alignment with specific business objectives is essential before making a decision.

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